La Vallée des Tortues

My name is Isabelle. I’ve got two young children, 6 and 4 years old. I know how complicated it is to organize holidays that will please the whole family. That's why I will regularly suggest activities that will delight children and make parents happy.

Today, we decided to go to a village of Albères, Sorède, in the place called Mas del Ca. Here is "The Valley of Turtles", an animal park dedicated to turtle and a other animals to.

IMG 1192

We arrive in the middle of the morning and begin the visit through the upper part of the park. My children run from one pen to another with enthusiasm. 
The Seychelles turtles of the park obviously catch their attention, especially when an employee comes to feed them, which encourages these giants to move to the public. When the turtles are fed children and adults can participate. The children are delighted. We finish this first part and decide to go to lunch.
Many tables are installed inside. We leave the park to pick up the picnic in the car and decide to eat under the trees.
. After lunch, we begin the second part of our day.
the guided tour starts, but the children prefer to play in the courtyard. Ther's a space for relaxation for parents and entertainment for children.
Everything is planned : slide, trampolines, swings ... they even thought of the deckchairs for the adults!

IMG 1200

After a good time spent in this place, we begin a small walk in an undergrowth, discovering various species and various animals such as marmosets or meerkats.
A new animation is proposed to us. We finish our day with a visit to the shop. The kids are excited about the past day and they are already asking when we will be back.

IMG 1211