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Painter à SOREDE



2, rue côte de l'église
66690 SOREDE

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Leslie James Charrett-Dykes grew up in her native London. Very early, around the age of seven, he began to show a disposition for drawing and painting. In 1950, when he was 13, he was admitted to the School of Fine Arts in London where he continued his training and where he met his wife Carmen. In 1972, wanting to try a new adventure, he decided to leave with his family to live in France. Through friends he discovered the village of Sorède, at the foot of the Albères, in the Pyrénées-Orientales, where he moved in 1984. Today, he still lives and works in this village.
Permanent exhibition and sale of oil paintings, acrylics and watercolors in the artist's studio, he occasionally exhibits at the Sorède Tourist Office.

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