Sea or mountain, why choose?
Live both in the Mediterranean Pyrenees, the perfect destination for a stay with activities as multiple as they are diversified, sometimes on land, sometimes on or under water!

Swap your walking shoes for flippers...

Enjoy browsing the Coastal path which winds through vineyards, maquis and creeks. Between Argelès-sur-Mer and Cerbère, passing through the port villages of the Côte Vermeille, exceptional landscapes await you.
A swim tempts you? Swap your backpack and walking shoes for a mask, a snorkel and a pair of flippers to discover the beauty of the Mediterranean seabed by following the marked underwater trail, open in summer at Peyrefite Beach in Cerbère.  

Did you know?

There are no less than 26 coves and beaches along the coastal path!
After having covered your stage, a moment of relaxation facing the Big Blue will do the greatest good…

A single watchword… Res-pi-rez!

The Albères promise a true nature getaway for all kinds of outdoor activities: walks, horseback riding, cycling, fitness trails and even orienteering!
More than 350 km of marked trails are available to hikers who can choose between outings of a few hours, half a day or a day. A nice breath of fresh air in the heart of our massif! 

Do you miss the sea air? Switch from the mountains to the rocky coast which offers a multitude of activities: getaways at sea, scuba diving, snorkeling session...  
Do not miss blending into the scenery aboard a boat, a catamaran, a kayak or on a paddle to marvel at the beauty of the panoramas offered by the Côte Vermeille. The spectacle is striking from offshore!

Chauvinists: no… Very proud: yes!

We are lucky to make you enjoy an ideal ground to switch between land and sea. In the same day, easily go from an aquatic activity or lazing on the beach to a land activity, such as hiking, a walk by bike, on horseback or cart, visiting our animal parks… You are spoiled for choice! 

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