Unique territory where the Pyrenees flow into the Mediterranean Sea, the Albères offer fabulous landscapes to lovers of wide open spaces.
Approaching the coast, the grandiose panoramas on the Côte Vermeille leave walkers speechless.

Further west, there are viewpoints over the Canigou, the sacred peak of the Catalans, and the plain of Roussillon that appeal to hikers. The bravest can observe the beauty of our territory from the Puig Neulos (1256 m), the highest point in this eastern part of the Pyrenees.

The Albères, the last buttress of the Pyrenees…

… It's also an extremely rich history between France and Spain! This left behind signal towers, fortifications and other remarkable military traces that impress with their architecture and their resistance to the elements:
Tour de Madeloc, Tour de la Massane, Tour de Querroig, the batteries and forts above Port-Vendres, the strategic line above Montesquieu-des-Albères…  

So many mythical places steeped in history to explore, many walking routes allow you to discover them!

Good to know

Inform yourself before departure on the hike about the local weather and the fire risk of the day and the possibilities of circulation in the massif. 

Take height…

It seems it's all a matter of perspective!
So to contemplate the foothills of the Albères and the Illiberian plain to the Mediterranean, join the belvedere of the castle of Laroque-des-Albères, the ruins of the castle of Montesquieu-des-Albères or, for the most motivated, the hermitage Notre -Lady of the Castle and the ruins of the castle of Ultrera in the heights of Sorède.
A nice breath of fresh air in an oasis of freshness and greenery! 

Focus on the Massane Beech Forest

Since 2021, this Forest Nature Reserve, free from all exploitation for 150 years, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Its access is reserved for experienced hikers in excellent physical condition. Ask our team.

Les Albères is also a dive in time...

The villages at the foot of this mountain seem to have always existed. However, life was once intense within the massif itself, the Albères being a veritable breeding ground for materials useful to Man (wood, water, iron ore, etc.). 
Dolmens, rock shelters, coal pits, huts, ice wells, glass or lime kilns, iron mines, and many other footprints are part of this particularly dense activity in our massif.  

Heart stroke

The Soredan association PASTOR offers during the summer season visits-discoveries in the Albères, accessible to all! They will allow you to admire the landscapes offered by the Mediterranean forest while discovering the vestiges of human activities, in the heart of our massif.
Book your discovery outing!

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