Thank you for voting for your favorite village. Laroque-des-Albères is indeed a very nice village for families. Its many hikes with games, specially designed for children, its orienteering course, its visit-survey, its rally-randos, everything here is designed for successful family holidays. Here is a little souvenir of this village that caught your attention.

Laroque with family

In Laroque, we love hiking. And when it happens with the family, it's even better.
The Tourist Office/Maison de la Randonnée has therefore designed different routes accessible to the greatest number, with games to amuse the children.
Here, as in 6 other villages in the territory, Isalia, our local heroine, makes a stop to look for the treasures of the past.
The rally-randos are a wonderful way to share days full of laughter with family or friends.

Game Log Fixes

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