Thank you for voting for your favorite village. Sorède is indeed a very beautiful place for family holidays. Between its landscaped natural area at Mas del Ca, the Turtle Valley and the discovery tour of the whip factory... There's no way to get bored in Sorède! Here is a little souvenir of this village that caught your attention.

Sorède with family

Sorède has many child-friendly facilities. the Rourede Park, on the banks of the river has a fitness trail specially adapted for the youngest. The older ones will be able to exert themselves on the course, next to the solar oven, at Mas del Ca. At this place, it is also a orientation course and of course the famous Valley of the Turtles waiting for families.
Isalia, our young heroine, also offers a discovery of the village for the youngest. Unless you are tempted by time travel with Baludik or a discovery of whip factory.

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