Catalan, luminous, multi-faceted, the destination Pyrenees Mediterranean will make you fall under its spell!

Here, the Pyrenees bathe in the Mediterranean…

Head south for this destination at the gates of Spain. Enjoy the benefits and vitality of the Mediterranean. The colors and the light Cote Vermeille, so special, have marked many artists and will amaze you!

Le Massif of the Albères constitutes the easternmost part of the Pyrenean chain. In addition to the beauty of the landscapes, history has left many traces, ranging from prehistory to today. Last buttress of the Pyrenees, it offers fabulous terrain for lovers of wide open spaces.
Take a breath of fresh air, here nature invites you to daydream and offers you extraordinary panoramas!

Collioure in Côte Vermeille “A great Occitanie site”

The GRAND SITE OCCITANIE label brings together more than 40 exceptional sites: villages, towns or natural sites!

At the meeting of the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean, from Racou to Cerbère, the ports of the Côte Vermeille each have a crazy charm!

The diversity of natural and preserved landscapes were the scene of many episodes in history. Evidenced by these vineyards two thousand years old, these churches and strongholds of the Middle Ages, the abundant military heritage and the places of memory of this land of passage where, at the beginning of the XNUMXth century, thousands of Spanish refugees transited during the Withdrawn.

Discover all the assets of our destination…

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