Would you like to have your accommodation classified in order to benefit from certain advantages?
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What is the classification?

The classification of accommodation concerns hotels, campsites, residential leisure parks, tourist residences, holiday villages and furnished tourist accommodation. Tourist customers are more and more demanding and the stars remain an important and universal landmark.

The classification is voluntary, it has 5 categories ranging from 1 to 5 stars and it is valid for 5 years, after which time you will have to make a new request for classification if you want your accommodation to continue to benefit from a classification. .

It is also a marketing tool for hosting. He reassures customers.
The classification criteria set requirements on the level of comfort and quality of service, which are checked every 5 years by an accredited inspection body. This control is carried out on the basis of the classification criteria in force in a reference system specific to each category of accommodation.

The interests of the classification according to the types of accommodation

The classification of furnished tourist accommodation

Le “furnished tourist accommodation is a furnished villa, apartment, “gîte” or studio, for the exclusive use of the tenant, offered for rent to transient customers who make a stay characterized by a rental by the day, by the week or month, and who does not take up residence there. (Code of Tourism-Art D324-1).
Furnished tourist accommodation is divided into one of the categories expressed by the increasing number of stars. They are rated from 1 to 5 stars.
The classification grid contains 133 criteria divided into 3 main chapters: equipment, customer services, accessibility and sustainable development


The tourist hotel can be classified regardless of the number of rooms.
Ranking is not mandatory. It takes place at the operator's request.
The hotel may also have one or more labels.
The attribution of stars is done on the basis of the appreciation of the following 3 main criteria: Quality of comfort of the equipment, quality of the services offered, good practices in terms of respect for the environment and the reception of customers in disability


For campsites, the classification is the assurance of better marketing to national and international specifiers as well as tourist customers who carry out the majority of their transactions directly online on the Internet.
The aim of the classification is to provide consumers with reliable benchmarks, regardless of the product range offered or the target clientele.
It is a grid of more than 200 qualitative and quantitative criteria which makes it possible to classify campsites in France. They can also adhere to one or more quality labels.

Tourist residences

Here, the star rating reinforces the quality of service and comfort of your accommodation. It allows advantageous taxation and recovery of VAT in the context of construction or work.
It formalizes compliance with the requirements of French and international customers and improves the visibility of your tourist residence on marketing websites.

Holiday villages

The classification of holiday villages is national and official. It is based on a reference system of more than 250 specific criteria, which make it possible to precisely assess the level of services offered by the establishments: in terms of accommodation, catering, services and equipment.

On the way to the classification

The Atout France platform allows you to download all the official documents to request the classification of your structure.
It also informs you of the approved organizations that can come and visit your accommodation.


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