The tourist labels are varied. They are signs of quality, they all aim to improve the quality of tourist experiences.

Obtaining a label calls for a voluntary approach and is not subject to any legal obligation.
It is a tool for officially promote a practice considered virtuous or positive impact. Indeed, obtaining a label grants a distinction to the company concerned and highlights its good practices.
For customers and partners it is also a source ofreliable information on the values ​​of the company, its practices.
So for companies or organizations, holding a label has a real utility.
Here you will find the main tourist labels present in our territory.

Labels specific to the accommodation sector

Gites of France

The labeling of Gîtes de France is done after the evaluation of your accommodation by an expert. It determines the quality, comfort, equipment and many other points corresponding to the values ​​of the Label. From there, it assigns 1 to 5 ears for accommodation. The criteria vary according to the departments.


Clévacances issues a rating to seasonal rentals according to the level of comfort and their quality, whether they are located by the sea, in the mountains, in town, in the countryside, in a ski resort or in a spa resort. Clévacances relies on a certain number of criteria to assign between 1 to 5 keys to classified accommodation, which corresponds to a quality score. Among these criteria, we can cite: the welcome, the comfort, the decoration and the interior and exterior layout of the accommodation.

Ecological and environmental labels

The European Eco Label

It is the only official European eco-label that can be used in all member countries of the European Union. It is issued in France by AFNOR Certification, an independent certification body. It is a voluntary certification mark for products and services. By choosing an eco-labelled product or service, the consumer participates at his level in the protection of the environment and becomes “eco-responsible”.
The eco-label confirms a commitment to products or services that are more respectful of the environment.

Green Key

The Green Key label distinguishes tourist accommodation and restaurants that choose to reduce their environmental impact and assert their social responsibility. This mainly involves raising the awareness of professionals and staff, educating tourists, reducing the impact of tourist establishments on the environment and operating costs, anticipating future regulations, promoting environmentally friendly accommodation and restaurants. environment …

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