The leisure counter is both a shop in each of the 7 counters of the Intercommunal Tourist Office and an online shop.
Are you wondering why and how to integrate the leisure counter?
We will explain everything to you !

Your benefits

The leisure counter brought in more than €2021 in turnover in 41, including €000 on the Web

  • The Tourist Office takes care of everything (registration of products, monitoring of sales, receipts, etc.)
  • Sale of your products at the counter
  • Online store accessible 24 hours a day
  • A dedicated space in the offices with a highlighting of your leaflets
  • Publication in the leisure counter booklet (published in 500 copies in July/August 2021)
  • "Leisure Counter" posters in the BITs
  • “Leisure counter” pages included in the booklets and diplomas distributed to schools and leisure centers as well as during rallies.
  • Communication on social networks throughout the store
  • 1 personal publication on Facebook (4602 subscribers), on a chosen date (book the slot with Vanessa + send text and photo)
  • 15 sec video to pass in story
  • Featured on the new website


  • Provide the complete file for data entry and accounting
  • Send the information at least 15 days before the event or the start of the sale
  • Commission specified in the agreement, except for municipalities
  • Additional information to be found on the agreement

Are you interested in joining our team?

Patricia et Vanessa will guide you in your steps.
Do not hesitate to contact them at 04 48 98 00 08.

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