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Charade Tourist Office

My 1st welcome,
guides and advises by giving personalized information. He is responsive to demand, always available and smiling. It thus retains its visitors.
My 2nd ensures the promotion of the territory,
highlighting it. It gives it a dynamic, attractive, friendly, diverse and positive image. He likes to share his experiences and communicates on social networks.
My 3rd is in contact with service providers and municipalities.
He accompanies them in their efforts and is always listening to them. He tends to know them all and takes time to inform them. It unites them around various projects such as the Mar I Munt Weeks.
Mon 4ème regularly collects and updates its information.
He is an expert in tourist data. He has a very good knowledge of the territory and regularly seeks to update his knowledge. It makes information accessible and improves the dissemination of DATA.
My 5th contributes to the economic development of the territory:
the setting up of activities in the territory, the promotion through the shop of the work of local actors, the development of tools for discovering the territory.
My 6th is involved in sustainable development of the territory
to protect him. It acts concretely in this area and does so with respect for the public.
My 7th participates in local and inter-municipal tourism development.
It helps to set up tourist facilities and promote tourism in the territory.

My everything is the team of the inter-municipal tourist office who work from the heart, who love their territory and their job. It is made up of all different people, always listening, with an open mind,
His motivation is customer satisfaction.
This team is competent, versatile and qualified. She invests herself in her work and trains regularly to remain efficient.

His goal :
to be a facilitator for ALL and help to make this dream destination known and loved!

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