New in 2024!
We are proud to announce the launch of our new treasure hunt for families, designed by our team in collaboration with the Gulf of Lion Marine Natural Park (protected marine area of ​​the French Biodiversity Office)!!

” Tomàs is a young schoolboy who knows his territory by heart (perhaps you have already met his younger sister Isàlia!?). His cousin Léo, who regularly comes to his house on vacation, decided this year to convince his friend Julia to come and join him.
Tomàs will therefore give him a helping hand and take him along the Côte Vermeille, discover
the beauties and particularities of this beautiful, but fragile, territory.
From Cerbère, located a stone's throw from the Spanish border, to Port-Vendres, let's walk along the coast together to explore, discover... and play! “

Come on… Let’s go!

This treasure hunt brings the child – accompanied by his parents – discovering the maritime environment, its strengths and weaknesses.
It is part of a story, developed in connection with that of the previous game “Isàlia and the treasures of the past” with the aim of creating an imaginary universe. Two characters – Tomàs and Léo – accompany the players throughout this adventure.

Good to know

– The game is played in 4 stages / 4 locations located on the Côte Vermeille (total duration approximately 6 hours).
– Children from 9 years old (and their families).
– The complete kit includes 1 gymbag backpack, 1 games notebook, 1 pencil/eraser + 1 free postcard.
It is on sale for €10 in tourist information offices in the area, from July 1, 2024.

* Game produced as part of a call for projects and supported by the Gulf of Lion Marine Natural Park – French Biodiversity Office

Because we better protect what we know, we designed this fun game targeting the younger generation and those around them. We had a lot of fun creating this activity. We hope you enjoy it and have as much fun as we do!

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