Discover the secrets of the villages, have fun and live surprising adventures, at your own pace and when you want… It's now possible thanks to this free application of digital treasure hunts.

Baludik, an app on phone or tablet

This application can be downloaded from Google play or App Store. It offers interactive routes, suitable for all types of public, to discover the villages of the Pyrénées Méditerranée territory in a fun way.

Baludik, your local guide

Treasure hunts, treasure hunts, visits, walks... Discover our villages in new ways throughout the year, by solving puzzles and mini-games!
With Baludik, choose your adventure and let the game be your guide!

Discovering BAGES of yesteryear!

Have fun during this visit to the village. Accompanied by Suzie, a young teenager, you will discover Bages in the XNUMXth century. You will visit the village thanks to Suzanne who works as a washerwoman.

CERBERE… The extraordinary border town!

Discover the incredible history of this border town with a glorious railway past!

Meet Juliette Grau, an orange transporter. She will tell you about her job and introduce you to the city, its origins and its growth around the international station.

ELNE, not told... Between legends and truth!

Understand the architectural evolution of Elne, former capital of Roussillon.

Walk in Helene's footsteps and discover the legends and historical truths that marked this city with a glorious past.

The Rally-Investigation: “The thousand-year-old lintel of Saint-Genis-des-Fontaines” leaving from LAROQUE-DES-ALBÈRES

Discover the villages of the Albères and meet the people who live there.
This route is best done by bike, but can be done by car.

Following a malevolent act, the millennial lintel of Saint-Genis-des-Fontaines was fragmented and scattered over the territory. You will help Professor Marimunt, a renowned historian in the Catalan country, to recover all the pieces to put it back together.


Get ready to embark on a great adventure to discover this strategic village and the history of the decisive battle of Le Boulou!

PALAU-DEL-VIDRE, the Palace of Glass

Meet Lise Mitjavil, apprentice glassblower. Learn more about this village with a millennial history and the art of glassmaking. By observing the different workshops with various techniques, Lise will pass on her passion for the art of glass to you.

Cap Béar, PORT-VENDRES: In the shoes of the lighthouse keeper

Walk in the footsteps of lighthouse keepers, who guided sailors at sea.
Let yourself be guided by Bernard and take care of the lighthouse in the middle of the storm.

An extraordinary adventure in a rich and diverse natural setting!

The lost island of PORT-VENDRES

Accompany Briseis in his quest for the lost island of Port-Vendres and its mysteries.

Threat to SAINT-ANDRÈ…

Welcome to Saint-André to experience a unique adventure, which will lead you to protect the village from the Simiots, terrible medieval creatures!

Move from stage to stage and immerse yourself in the story…


Take advantage of this quest to discover the village and change your vision of witches!

Go step by step and immerse yourself in the story!

SORÈDE, an unfinished journey through time!

Go on a journey through time, which will make you discover the ancient trades of Sorède! Only problem, you are stuck between 2 time spaces!
Will you be able to return to more modern times?

VILLELONGUE-DELS-MONTS: Tour the village in 80 minutes!

This village with a very curious name, conceals many treasures… Go on an adventure in the company of Marie and Guillem, two children of the village, for a tour of the village in 80 minutes!

Discovering BANYULS-SUR-MER, a bright and artistic city

Follow Pierre, passionate about sculpture, in the city which saw the birth of Aristide Maillol, one of the greatest sculptors of the XNUMXth century.

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