Offer your children exotic and playful discoveries in our animal parks where species can be seen very closely.
Here are some ideas for outings that will be unanimous within the tribe!

Family explorations… for the delight of young and old!

The Discovery Farm,

For the little ones, the visit to the Discovery Farm, "the breeding of yesteryear", is a great opportunity to observe, approach, pet and feed the farm animals with the greatest respect.
You will certainly spend an exceptional day with your family in a real conservatory which contributes to the knowledge of species, some of which are endangered, and of biodiversity.

Tropic of the butterfly in Elne

The Tropic of the Butterfly, Elne

Here, you are in a natural environment with hundreds of butterflies in total freedom. In this biotope, the temperature, the humidity and the light see hundreds of butterflies from Asia and Latin America hatch, as well as many species of plants. Outside, the bamboos filter the light giving an air of labyrinth. Benches, ponds, arbours punctuate the course to relax and observe... it's fascinating!

The Valley of the Turtles, Sorède

In the fantastic world of the Valley of the Turtles, nestled in the Happy Valley of Sorède, you set out to conquer 5 continents, with more than 30 species and 500 specimens.
Thanks to the various daily activities, turtles and reptiles, among many other mammals and birds, will have no more secrets for you!

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