This is a fun activity that works the body as well as the head!
Use the map and your sense of direction to find the route in order to reach checkpoints (beacons). On our territory we offer two initiation areas in Laroque-des-Albères and Sorède, at the foot of the Albères.

Everyone at their own pace!

Punch the grid on the map at each beacon, respecting its number and staying on the marked trails.
It is an ideal outing for children who will exert themselves on safe and suitable routes.
To spice up the activity, you can give yourself a limited time to find as many as you can.

However, on the course of Sorède, take the time to admire our landscapes from the foothills of the Albères to the Illiberian plain and the Big Blue. A picnic site is at your disposal to enjoy the superb panorama.

The Sorède route is also available in the “Carnet de Jeux en Pyrénées Méditerranée” at the price of €2 in our Tourist Offices.

It's yours !

If you notice an anomaly on the course, please contact our team at
04 48 98 00 08 or

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