From Argelès-sur-Mer to Cerbère, this hiking route invites you to discover the rocky coast by crossing the beautiful port towns that line it. An exceptional route through vineyards, maquis and secret coves!

The coastal path invites you to marvel, taking the famous “Collioure-Cadaquès” city ​​where many painters have found inspiration, crossing Port-Vendres, known as the city of Venus, which has kept the authenticity of a fishing village. Then at the pace of the walk, you will discover Banyuls-sur-Mer, birthplace of the fabulous Catalan sculptor Aristide Maillol, to finish in Cerbère, guardian of the French border.

Sea or mountain, why choose?

Hike between the mountains and the Mediterranean… and swap your hiking boots for flippers whenever you want!
Indeed, the transparency of the waters of the Mediterranean Sea invites you to swim in the many beaches and coves that line the coastal path, or even to dive to observe the underwater diversity of the “Underwater trail of the “Cerbère-Banyuls” reserve.

Coastal path

Along the ridges overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, flamboyant colors, superb panoramas, fragrant maquis, terraced vineyards, creeks and beaches with secret allures: so many ingredients of an exquisite hiking itinerary, a colorful trail of biodiversity.

Through this hiking route, a whole rich history of several centuries is told to you. This trail offers you a range of military and historical monuments.

Here, the sun is king, the Mediterranean queen...

You will leave amazed and enthused by so many scenic splendours!

The council of the office

To avoid retracing your steps, consider the €1 bus which offers several stops along the coastal path.
Consult right here timetables for line 540.

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