Embark on an unforgettable adventure, where each step leads you towards discovery and shared pleasure! Our walking rally is much more than a simple hike, it is an experience where emotion and conviviality combine to create lasting memories.

With family or friends, come and experience unique moments, where young and old come together to explore the surrounding nature, solve captivating puzzles and take on fun challenges. From the joy of children to the relaxation of adults, each stage of the journey has its share of surprises and laughs in store for you.

At lunchtime, all you have to think about is the pleasure of sharing smiles and anecdotes with other adventurers. Our team will take care of transporting your coolers, allowing you to fully concentrate on the essential: savoring the present moment!

Leave enriched with memories and emotions, with the feeling of having lived a day where adventure and pleasure were there. Join us for an extraordinary experience, where happiness and complicity reign.

Don't miss the opportunity, let yourself be carried away: adventure awaits you!

Good to know

The rally is a fun hike that takes place over the day, discovering Laroque-des-Albères and the Pyrenees-Mediterranean region.

However, it only represents a journey of around 2 hours of walking and around 100 meters of elevation gain.
Children can participate from 4/5 years old.

At noon, all the teams picnic together (we transport your coolers to the place of the meal).

Need information? Contact our team on 04 48 98 00 09.

…Walking in a magnificent setting, puzzles, funny events… I can only advise you to register for one of the next dates.

Congratulations again for your organization. See you next year !

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