When the summer is over, take advantage of the mild climate and the peace found. The temperatures of the Mediterranean Sea still invite swimming and the sun is always there. And since we don't want the summer to end, the entertainment and activities abound.

The best of Autumn in the Mediterranean Pyrenees

Laurent Lacombe

The harvest season

Summer has ripened the grapes and it is now harvest season.
Take advantage of this time to meet the winemakers and discover the delicate flavors of Roussillon wines.

Take part in local activities to rediscover winemaking traditions and exchange around the treasures of Bacchus.

Autumn Mar i Munt week

Because here summer never ends, enjoy the sea and the mountains during the autumn holidays.
We get active in the middle of nature, we have fun with the family, we taste, we glean, we delight...

Un large choice of activities full nature is offered to you and entertainment for the whole family await the little ones… and the grand-children!
On the program, supervised mountain biking and kayaking, hiking or cycling, first dives and supervised explorations, visits, games, workshops, free film screenings...

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