Typical village in the foothills of the Albères, marked by history, Villelongue-dels-Monts offers visitors a stay between quiet charm and discovery!
Its territory stretches from the Massif des Albères in the south to the river Tech in the north and culminates at the peak of Aureille at more than 1000 meters above sea level.

The church dedicated to Saint-Etienne is in the classic style of Catalan Romanesque art. Its door does not suggest anything, yet you have to push it to discover its single vaulted nave and the remarkable Christ, made around 1600!

A marvel of pre-Romanesque art…

Nestled in the massif, the Santa Maria Del Vilar Priory has its roots in the Visigoth era. It was in 1083 that a community of Augustinians founded this little gem on the basis of a fortified enclosure containing a Carolingian church. They will build a new church and the cloister, and will adorn the main apse with sublime frescoes. Abandoned to agricultural use for nearly 150 years and subsequently forgotten, it was not until 1993 that the identical reconstruction was undertaken. 22 years later, the site is home to a Romanian Orthodox monastic community which continues the prayer of monks even today. Come and meet them, the welcome is particularly warm!

Focus on the “Lyrical and Medieval Festival of Vilar”

In its church with rare acoustics, this festival focuses on secular and sacred music between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries: Gregorian, troubadour, Byzantine and medieval chants…
Every week in July and August, take part in almost intimate concerts, tinged with the timbres and sounds of this music of yesteryear.
Reservations are highly recommended!

Take a breath of fresh air in Villelongue…

… It's easy ! Ideal village for strolling and walking, hiking on the marked paths in the Albères, or strolling with the family around the lake, a magnificent body of water located in a green setting. An hour to go around and observe fauna and flora in this protected site. We meet fishing lovers there, but also the herd of sheep and sheep of one of the last shepherds of the plain!

Good to know

Night Carp fishing course on the lake... An atmosphere, surprises and thrills await you!
Conditions, purchase of your fishing license… Find all the information by following the link.

New 2022

Do you want to discover this charming village at your own pace?
With the BALUDIK application, you have the adventure in your pocket to explore the heart of Villelongue-dels-Monts!

“This village with a very curious name, conceals many treasures… Get accompanied by Marie and Guillem, two children from the village, for a tour of the village in 80 minutes! »

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