Adorned with such an enigmatic name, the latter invites you to contemplate while strolling along the quays of its port. The latter, symbol of its glory and its development since Antiquity, is synonymous with life, inspiration, war, conquest... The obelisk dedicated to Louis XVI, which brings young and old together on market days, and other fortifications, are the undeniable testimony.

Here, the fish land...

A marina and commercial port, Port-Vendres in Côte Vermeille is also known for the sailors who bring their loot back to the docks every day. Still quivering, turbot, sole, monkfish, red mullet and scorpionfish arrive, under the fascinated eyes of the public... and to the cries of the seagulls!
Discover this port atmosphere where life flows to the rhythm of the sun and the lapping of the waves on the quays.

Good to know

Find the local fishing and the day of our small trades every day from 8:30 a.m. at the Quai François Joly and the Quai de l'Obélisque.

Do you want to live an atypical experience?
Discover the profession of fisherman aboard the “Lé-flo 2” boat!

1st stage: Launching the nets at the end of the afternoon (about 1 hour at sea);
2nd stage: Lifting of the nets in the early morning (about 3 hours at sea) and return to the port around 8:30 a.m. to unload the fish.
Information and booking with Franck, the fisherman –> 06 76 85 35 42

Did you know?

Port-Vendres is France's leading banana port, with 6000 tonnes landed every week!

For discovering the port with the family, our team has prepared “The Little Moss Game” for children aged 5 to 12. It is available in the “Carnet de jeux en Pyrénées Méditerranée”, on sale for €2 in our Tourist Offices.

Explore the most beautiful scenery of the Côte Vermeille

wild creeks, the Hamlet of Cosprons with its chapel, and the protected beach of Anse de Paulilles complete the sublime landscapes that surround Port-Vendres.
The decor is magnificent, with dazzling colors… on one side, small beaches separated by rocky slopes and on the other, terraced vineyards that literally drop into the Big Blue. Here, the Côte Vermeille lives up to its name!

The famous Coastal path embrace it all… just put on your hiking boots to soak up the stark contrasts between land and sea.

Cap Bear

Cap Béar, the must!

It is in the heart of the Côte Vermeille, between Port-Vendres et Paulilles, that its point juts out into the Mediterranean. There, stands the lighthouse, defying the winds and the tides and proudly overlooking the schist coasts of the Pyrenees, which the Big Blue has come to sculpt. Discover the interior of the lighthouse here, classified as a historic monument in 2012.

Offering one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the territory, and an atmosphere that immerses you both in the world of lighthouse keepers, but also in the heart of military strategy with its last vestiges of the Second World War, the Cap Bear and its terraces with well-aligned vines, its changing colors, as well as its fauna and flora to be preserved, are just waiting for you!

Good to know

Cap Béar and its lighthouse are no longer accessible by car following ongoing redevelopment work. As a result, we cannot currently offer you guided tours of the site.
However, the discovery of Cap Béar can be done on foot along the coastal path towards Banyuls-sur-Mer. Allow around 1h30 walk from the Port-Vendres Tourist Office.

For those who prefer to explore the site with family or friends in a fun way, the BALUDIK fun trail “ In the footsteps of the keepers of the fire " is made for you !

Paulilles reveals its treasures…

Nestled between the Cap Bear and Cape of Ullastrell, the cove of Paulilles, this protected natural site between the sea and terraced vineyards, once housed the old dynamite plant established by Alfred Nobel in 1870. This 32 ha green setting has become a haven of peace and nature. Today, it promotes the history and industrial memory of the places, the discovery of the natural heritage and that of the Catalan maritime heritage through the boat restoration workshop.

Focus on the Coastal Path

At all seasons of the year, discover the most beautiful hiking trails offered by the Côte Vermeille. The diversity of nature in this corner of the Mediterranean is simply sublime!
At the pace of the walk, you will discover fortifications, hillsides and little frequented coves.

OTI PyMed – Candice Genard

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