Set out to conquer our multi-faceted territory thanks to the discovery tours!
Religious, civil or military monuments, museums, vernacular heritage or submerged vestiges, the villages of the Mediterranean Pyrenees all conceal treasures that are just waiting for you.

Guided tours or accompanied hikes… the choice is yours!

To grow as a family, our team has concocted fun and playful tours for you and your children. 
Want to move more and admire our landscapes rich in contrasts and lights? Subscribe to guided walks and hikes during the summer season.

OTI PyMed – Isabelle Berga

Immersive tours!

Follow our guides and let yourself be charmed by the most unusual places. Your stay in “Mar i Munt” will be even richer! 

The Cap Béar lighthouse and its bunkers dating from the Second World War, the Catalan forge or the solar oven of Sorède, the hidden corners of Saint-André, Saint-Genis and Elne, the operation of the port of Port-Vendres, will not have no more secrets for you.

OTI PyMed – Isabelle Berga

The visit-investigation of Laroque

In Laroque-des-Albères, you will meet Marie-Odile, our guide and help her restore the water from the irrigation canal which has been diverted by a mysterious “Master of Water”.
You will learn more about the history of the village and its anecdotes and collect the clues that will allow you to return this precious asset to the village!

Association PASTOR Sorède

Guided hikes

The Albères massif also conceals plenty of hidden treasures.
Our guides will take you to discover the Cabanes de Mataporcs, the casots of our elders, the Ermitage Notre-Dame du Château, etc. They will also explain little-known trades to you, such as that of the demascleur (cork oak debarker).

Spotlight on Cap Béar

OTI PyMed – Bettina Bauer

Cap Bear

A major site in the Pyrénées-Orientales, Cap Béar is a place steeped in history and mystery.

Let yourself be guided through its many facets and discover the life of the lighthouse, its operation and the vestiges of the Second World War.

All in the heart of a breathtaking landscape!

OTI PyMed – Isabelle Berga

Did you know?

Guided tours not your cup of tea?
The application BALUDIK guides you in our villages, at your own pace, with family or friends.
These treasure hunts can be downloaded for free on your smartphone. Don't forget to recharge it before you leave and have fun!

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