Visible from the entire Roussillon plain, the Pic du Canigou (2785m) is one of the major symbols of the Pyrénées Orientales. It is also known as the sacred mountain of the Catalans. Its ascent is a high mountain hike very popular with walkers.

2 ways to approach the ascent of the Canigou

Every year, several thousand hikers climb Mount Canigou. Nevertheless, theascent being sporty, it is advisable to be prepared for it, to find out about the environmental conditions and to be well equipped.
The ascent can be done by 1 2 days in depending on your walking pace. The route can follow a more classic hiking trail or climb the rocks of the "chimney".
Whatever your choice, for more comfort, we recommend that you favor the ascent in 2 days with a night in one of the famous refuges on the route: refuge of Mariailles ou refuge of Cortalets.

A 100% natural excursion

Access to the Cortalets or Mariailles refuges can no longer be done by 4×4. The tracks are closed to all motor vehicles.
It is therefore on foot that you will have to entirely climb the sacred mountain of the Catalans. Take the opportunity to observe the fauna and flora and enjoy the benefits of nature.
We strongly advise you to follow the advice of our colleagues from the Conflent-Canigó Intermunicipal Tourist Office.

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