Tautavel, 25 minutes from Perpignan, is an exceptional prehistoric site, located in the northeast of the Pyrénées-Orientales.

Come and explore one of the most important prehistoric sites in the world and meet one of the oldest inhabitants of France, the Man of Tautavel.

Visit the Museum of Prehistory

The museum acquired its notoriety thanks to the prehistoric cave, the Caune de l'Arago. It housed the oldest known European, the Man of Tautavel, 450 years ago!
Here, you dive into the past by discovering the whole history of humanity in Europe from the first Europeans to the gates of history.

Do not miss a walk in this charming little village and rest in the shade of its plane trees or taste its wines in the cellar. From the castle and the Torre del Far, a veritable "Sentinel of Roussillon", you will enjoy a breathtaking panorama!

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