El peix dones!
Formerly, this expression signaled the passage of the itinerant fishmonger, inviting the inhabitants to buy the fish of the catch of the day.
The quality of this delicious dish lies in the diversity of the fish used. It comes to garnish the top of the potatoes so that they soak up all its flavor.


  • fish according to the catch of the day
  • octopus
  • potatoes
  • ail
  • sagi (lard)
  • salt

The preparation…

Clean the fish.
Cut the potatoes into pieces.
Put in a olla rubbed with garlic and sagi.
Cover with water and simmer over low heat. Salt and pepper.
When the potatoes are almost cooked, place the fish on top and cook for 15 minutes.

La cuina menuda fa la casa gran! *

Christian Baillet, auteur du livret

* Catalan expression: The small kitchen makes the house big!

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