La Cargolada is the friendliest and most popular culinary event in the Mediterranean Pyrenees. The snails are cooked in the open air, with a drop of melted bacon or simmered with a spicy tomato sauce.
Beyond having a feast, this meal is a great opportunity to fill up on a good mood!

Ingredients for 1 person

  • 100 snails
  • salt, pepper, chilli
  • 1 bacon bard and aioli

The preparation…

Remove dirt and dried slime threads.
Dip each of the snails in the salt-pepper-chilli. Knock off the excess.
Arrange them on a wire rack tightly.
Add a drop of melted bacon per squirrel. Put them on the fire after burning the vine shoots and rabassos (vine stumps) until a live ember is obtained.
Place the filled grill on the embers.
Remove it as soon as the snail slime freezes.
They are eaten hot, bon appetit!

Els cargols i els peixos neixen amb acutea i moren amb vi! *

Christian Baillet, auteur du livret

* Catalan proverb: Snails and fish are born with water and die with wine!

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