The Anxoiada, of which the anchovy is the main element, is a salad that is both simple and hearty. Accompanied by hard-boiled eggs andoli, this dish has become essential for the esmorzar, the breakfast of the pickers.


  • anchovy
  • eggs
  • olive oil
  • ail
  • roasted red pepper
  • green or black olives

The preparation…

Before using the anchovies, wash them under running water to remove the salt.
Let them soak in fresh water for half an hour according to taste.
Divide them along their length and remove the bone.
Line them up on an old tea towel, the inside of the anchovy against the tea towel.
Arrange them in a dish covered with a fillet ofoils.

Variant of anchovies with mimosa eggs:
Boil some eggs, cut them into quarters and decorate the plate with the egg pieces.
Reserve an egg to make mimosa eggs and sprinkle the dish with it.
You can add pieces of pebrots escalivats, roasted peppers.

El peix no fa greix! *

Christian Baillet, auteur du livret

* Catalan proverb: Fish don't get fat!

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