The vineyards of our terroir are characterized by a wide variety of its relief and its soils. Moreover, no vineyard in France benefits so much from such a long period of heat and light. The terroir extends over the very fertile lands of the Roussillon plain, at the hilly foothills of the Albères massif and on the terraces of the Côte Vermeille which literally bathe in the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to offering wines of excellent quality, it offers you breathtaking landscapes!

To taste in Côte Vermeille

AOC Collioure, AOC Banyuls Grand Cru, AOC Banyuls, IGP Côte Vermeille can be discovered in the estates and tasting cellars.
Since the 5th century BC, the vineyards of Banyuls and Collioure have shaped the landscape from the slopes of the hills to the shores of the Mediterranean. Today still worked by hand by small farmers, it segments the territory into a multitude of micro-plots organized in terraces. This atypical geography which excludes any possibility of mechanization gives precious wines with unique flavors, bursting with sunshine and aromatic intensity.

Banyuls – Collioure, like human creativity…

Illiberian wines

In the Roussillon plain, wine production is the main agricultural activity. The particular conditions of the terroir, with its arid lands and quite exceptional sunshine, influenced by heat and drought, offer generous, pleasant and balanced wines. The vineyards of the hilly landscape between Bages and Brouilla, cultivated according to the know-how transmitted by the ancients and associated with today's techniques, produce a remarkable selection of white, rosé and red wines.

The Albères, opening onto the Mediterranean

Established on the foothills of the Albères, the last breath before flowing into the Mediterranean Sea, our sun-drenched vines swept by the Tramontana are the pride of Catalan wines. Many estates and cooperative cellars will be happy to let you taste their production.

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