On the Côte Vermeille, the port of Port-Vendres, in the heart of the city, is well known for its sailors who bring their loot to the quays every day.
Discover their fascinating profession, fish and shellfish species, fishing techniques and some tasty recipes thanks to a series of videos offered to you by the Tourist Office team on our Youtube channel.

Good to know

In Port-Vendres, find local fishing and the day of our small trades every day from 8:30 am at Quai François Joly and Quai de l'Obélisque.


Want an atypical experience?

Discover the profession of fisherman on board the boat
“Le-flo 2”!

The trip to sea takes place in 2 stages:
Launching of the nets at the end of the afternoon (about 1 hour at sea), followed, the next day, by lifting the nets in the early morning (about 3 hours at sea) and return to port around 8:30 a.m. for the lands fish.

Want to know more?
We have tested it for you !


Focus on Collioure PGI anchovies

Anchovy conversation has been a matter of skill since the Middle Ages.
Two workshops welcome you to Collioure to present the preparation work entrusted to the hands of the workers, nothing is mechanized!

To find out more, contact our colleagues at the Collioure Tourist Office on 04 68 82 15 47.

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