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Notre-Dame-du-Château is located more than 500 meters above sea level, above the village of Sorède. The site includes the chapel and an old hermitage.
Access to the site is on foot: from the village, about 1h30 walk or by vehicle, motorable road (except special fire vigilance).

Once there, enjoy an exceptional view of the Roussillon plain and its beaches and have a picnic (tables available on site). The site is also lively on certain days of the year, especially during the Pentecost celebrations.

According to Abbot NOGUES “We do not know if a sanctuary existed before our Mara De Déu Vella within the walls of the castle of Ultréra. However, it is with almost certainty that we can conclude that it was built around the year 1000, that it was the private chapel of the castle before becoming a place of pilgrimage and that its remains have the characteristics of the Roman style. It takes on the general characteristics of primitive religious architecture in Roussillon at the beginning of the XNUMXth century”.
Source of internal struggles between two lords: The Lord of Sorède, holder and master of the Castle and The Lord of the Pav.


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  • Picnic area.
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