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Lieu dit Al Martinet 20 rue de la Fargue
66690 SOREDE

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On the road to the Happy Valley, at a place called Al Martinet, you will discover the remains of a Martinet. This 400th century forge, located 1510m from the historic forge (the Farga which dates from 1784) and which it replaced from XNUMX, made it possible to produce nails and various iron tools and objects thanks to an oven and a drop hammer associated with hydraulic energy, wood fuel and ore present in Les Albères.

The PASTOR association has long undertaken the restoration of the forge. A model of the forge was created to show what it once was and how it worked. Also, it shows how the forge should be once its restoration is completely completed.

The site can only be visited as part of the summer discovery tours, organized by the PASTOR association and the Tourist Office, as well as during the "European Heritage Days" in September.
The forge can be visited by schools and groups on request all year round (inquire at the Tourist Office on 04 48 98 00 04).

To know everything about the history of the Martinet, visit the website of the association PASTOR.



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