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Route des Crêtes

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Built at an altitude of 652 meters in the XNUMXth century on the initiative of Jacques II of Majorca, it is part of a vast network of signal towers located in Roussillon.
With a height of 30 meters and a circumference of 25 meters, this signal tower was once used to monitor the sea and Spain in order to ward off the slightest attacks.
It communicated with its neighbors through a system of fires, at night the fire serving as light signals, during the day serving to produce smoke. Its closest neighbor is the Tour de la Massane, which was linked to the Château de Collioure, the summer residence of the kings of Majorca.
Consisting of two floors on vaults housing a cistern and a chimney, its walls are 2 meters thick pierced by several loopholes.
It benefits from an exceptional panorama dominating the plain and the coast of Roussillon.

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