Sunny all year round, with summery temperatures even in winter, Spain is a popular travel destination. Its Mediterranean climate, its exotic setting, but also its cuisine and culture, make it an essential destination.

Catalonia, a popular region

Easily accessible from our territory, Catalonia is one of the most popular Spanish regions. The city of Barcelona, full of charm and surprises, the beaches of the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada attract visitors in search of exoticism.
Here, no jet lag but a cultural escape ! Languages ​​mingle, as do architectural influences, the multitude of landscapes and the many gastronomic specialties. A journey in Catalonia is a series of exciting discoveries that will often echo with our territory so close!

Follow the Catalan coast

In the North of Catalonia, the magnificent beaches of the Costa Brava call for idleness. Of the coves with crystal clear waters are accessible by paths offering spectacular views.
To the south, from Barcelona to the Ebro delta, there is a succession of beaches and villages picturesque, concealing many treasures that draws Catalonia. The Costa Dorada, offers itself to you.

Catalonia, active and festive

Traveling in Catalonia is synonymous with partying and fun.
Barcelona, ​​the second city of Spain, modern, unique, with wild nights, marks visitors with its architecture and its heritage.
The large towns of Girona et Tarragona benefit, for their part, from a dynamic cultural life that's impossible to feel indifferent about.
Other cities with exceptional heritage, such as Reus, are also worth a visit. The city of Figueres, close to the border, for its part, attracts with its museum in memory of the famous artist Dali.

A gastronomy with a thousand colors

In Spain, even the kitchen is full of sunshine. Each region has its specialties and Catalonia is no exception to this rule.
Among the great classics, Tapas, small amuse-bouche, hot or cold, are served in bars to accompany wine or beer. You will be able to taste the Tortilla de Patata, the Bravas potatoes, Iberian ham, olives or prawns.
We will gladly offer you a drink at porro, this traditional glass pitcher that is filled with wine.
La catalan botifarra, a sort of black or white pudding, which is eaten cold, on Pa Amb Tomàquet, this traditional bread, grilled or not, which is spread with a ripe tomato and olive oil.
La fideua is a fisherman's dish made with vermicelli cooked in a fish broth, which is cooked a lot on the Costa Brava and around Tarragona.

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