31 January 11 December 2024

€5/adult, €2/child 2 to 12 years old. free - 2 years


Creative workshops around honey, here is a fun activity to discover with the family!
The first beekeeping cooperative in the department, the Miellerie d'Ortaffa invites you to a fun, lively and participatory visit.

For an afternoon, follow the guide who will introduce you to the honey house and explain how it works, as well as the evolution of beekeeping, from prehistory to the present day.

Bees for a better world!

He will introduce you to the life and role of bees with the help of a glass hive, the organization of the hive and the details of the pollination process.

During the creative workshop, the children will pot the honey and also make their beeswax candle which will be offered by the cooperative at the end of the visit.
Before leaving with your memories, you will end up tasting the honey, the origin and manufacturing process of which the whole family will now know!

Registration for the workshop is mandatory, places are limited.

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