Discover the secrets of an ideal summer stay in the Mediterranean Pyrenees! Our team gives you advice on how to make the most of your summer experience. From refreshing places to unmissable activities, get ready for a memorable vacation!

carolina, what can you advise our visitors to have a great holiday this summer?

"Already, the beach in the morning is ideal : here you get up early to enjoy the sea, activities in the middle of nature... the light is optimal for magnificent photos and more!

When the weather forecast calls for particularly high temperatures, don't miss the opportunity to indulge in nautical activities such as sea trips, kayaking, snorkeling or diving, and discover the wonders of the seabed.

As a family, take advantage of the heat by visiting animal parks. With shaded picnic areas and on-site dining options, you can cool off while spotting captivating wildlife. A perfect experience to create unforgettable memories on sunny days.
And when you want to cool down inside, our Media libraries and Romanesque house, as well as Ortaffa honey house welcome you with family workshops. A perfect combination to get together with the family, enjoy activities together and create unforgettable memories!

Making the most of your vacation is also criss-cross the villages and discover their treasures in the shade of the trees which bring the much desired freshness!
Plan visits to our thousand-year-old monuments, cloisters and museums when the sun is burning
and the heat is stifling. Among the (air-conditioned) gems to discover, the House of Romanesque art in St André presents itself as a cultural oasis, while the Sorède whip factory will allow you to immerse yourself in a unique artisanal universe…
If you are looking for an unexpected way to discover our heritage, opt for the visit of the Cloister of Elne at dusk, when the heat fades and sign up for our guided tours to travel back in time!

As soon as the day draws to a close and the temperatures drop, enjoy lively festive evenings with meals, concerts and entertainment. Treat yourself to a delicious dinner and let yourself be carried away by the lively atmosphere of the evenings that light up our villages.

Our favorable climate offers products of exceptional freshness. Meet them local producers such as Xadi (organic pork), the Miellerie, our winegrowers… Explore the fishing activities in Port Vendres and fill up on flavors by visiting the picturesque markets of our villages. Some take place at night during the summer!

It is important…

During summer days, avoid exposing yourself to the sun during the hottest hours, between 11h and 16h. Protect yourself and your children from the sun's rays by wearing caps, anti-UV t-shirts and sunglasses, especially at the beach where the water reflects intensely the light.

Our “little tips” for the summer !

So to know that here, for example, we put all our tomatoes and fruits (fragile to heat) in the vegetable compartment of the fridge… and to find their pleasant flavor we take them out a little before.

Rather than a barbecue, I have a weakness for Planxa cooking ! (Pronounced “plan’cha”).
Here: some cuttlefish sautéed à la planxa with a little olive oil, garlic, coarse salt and parsley… mmmh delicious! (The planxa mussels are also delicious!).

To keep the houses cool, from 9:30 a.m. to 10 a.m., the shutters are left just ajar (or even closed): the soft light that passes through is perfect for lazing around...

And above all, we can never repeat it enough:

  • Drink water (with a water bottle rather than a disposable bottle it's better...and it's fashionable too),
  • The heat is tiring: so no hesitation “Long live the siesta!”,
  • And tanning is beautiful… but watch out for your skin!

And come and see us to keep you informed of the activities: Happy holidays with us!

Caroline M.


About Caroline

Travel advisor, heritage promotion and in charge of communication, based in St André.
The most rock of the band without a doubt, she does not save her saliva to tell you about the territory and the Romanesque heritage! She is also the "voice" of the OTI on social networks.

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