The little Sunday outing… Today, I decided to take my little family to Lake Palau-del-Vidre!

As we have just finished a family meal a little longer than normal, I want to find an activity that is quick enough to do, but that appeals to both adults and children. Since last year, small electric boats have moored on the shores of the lake and I tell myself that this is an experience that can please everyone.

OTI PyMed – Isabelle Berga

Immediate boarding !

Upon arriving, after collecting life jackets, my daughters choose to board the police boat.
A few explanations and let's go for the adventure!

As there are not many people today, our guide gave us permission to enjoy quietly, without time constraints.

Quickly, my daughters take control of their boat, in total autonomy, and all I have to do is let myself be guided along the water.

Hey sailor!

They chain tricks and maneuvers, a blow forward, a blow back, once the tallest, another time the youngest.
For a little while, we have fun on the calm waters of the lake. The discovery of a family of nutria on the small islet and the sight of fish add a little attraction to the walk.

OTI PyMed – Isabelle Berga

Finally, we decide to return “to the port”. One or two more photos and we leave this peaceful place. My daughters are already asking me to come back soon (and me too of course)!

Lake Palau offers many activities to its visitors... A 100% natural tree climbing course, zip lines, a small fitness trail, but also the possibility of fishing or relaxing and picnicking on the peninsula. island. An ideal destination to spend a pleasant moment with the family!



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