Here is a Catalan specialty that warms hearts in these winter months: the Calçotada! This tasting usually takes place in the spring, between January and April.

Calçots are a variety of tender and sweet onions, a real delight!
Savor the calçots grilled over a wood fire, accompanied by a tasty sauce made from tomatoes, garlic, almonds and crushed hazelnuts, very similar to romesco sauce.
They are eaten, cooked in wood directly on a grill, as if to make our traditional summer grills last!

Don't be afraid to have dark hands, it's part of the game!
Of course, we gently remove the grilled skin with our fingers before eating them. Treat yourself well and… bon appetit!

While waiting for your next vacation in the Mediterranean Pyrenees, don't hesitate to try out some recipes with Mar i Munt flavours!

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