2 alarming findings in the Pyrénées-Orientales: 80% of waste at sea is of land origin and 80% of it is plastic.
The Pyrénées Méditerranée Tourist Office wishes to act at its level by reducing its own plastic waste and by raising public awareness of this cause.

Plastic is enough!

The Pyrénées Méditerranée Tourist Office tries to limit its plastic waste as much as possible in its mode of operation.
With this in mind, during its various events, we have chosen to offer ecocups and reusable tableware.
Thus, for Pedestrian rallies, participants are invited to come with their cups to be served drinks during the various snack times.
On the Gourmet evenings, it is the producers to whom the office asks to sell their drinks in ecocups (with or without a deposit system). The “waste recovery” service of the community of municipalities is also invited to come raise awareness sorting and reducing the use of plastic.
Finally, Mar i Munt spring and autumn weeks are always good ways to convey ecological and environmental messages.

The Tourist Office supports the Redplast 66 approach

The Redplast 66 project aims to reduce plastic waste on the Mediterranean coast. The aim is to understand the transfer mechanisms between rivers and the sea, to raise public awareness of the impact, particularly ecological, of this waste on the environment and of course to consider reducing it.


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