More and more of you are asking the Tourist Office to find out the best way to reach the beaches and thus forget about your car during your vacation.
No more traffic jams, paid car parks and welcome to soft travel… Today I am pleased to present to you the section of EuroVélo8 “La Méditerranée à vélo” between Sorède and Argelès-sur-Mer!

The bus at 1€? It's doable, but a little complicated and then you have to keep the schedules in mind.
The Little Tourist Train? Impossible, since it still does not serve the villages of the Albères (and, between us, it most likely never will).
Not serious. Let's simply opt for the little queen with multiple positive effects:
Available 24/7, it's good for your health (and morale)… And for your wallet.
So, ready for a trip in low-carbon mode? Here we go !

A bucolic walk between “Munt i Mar”…

OTI PyMed – Candice Genard

On the EuroVelo 8 track

The opening of this very beautiful, secure cycle path allows you to ride along the foothills of the Albères. As a bonus, magnificent views of the Pic Néoulous and the Notre-Dame du Château hermitage on the heights of Sorède.

From Sorède, access to this new cycle route is quite easy and well indicated. All you have to do is take the main road towards Argelès, cross the Tassio bridge and turn left into rue de la Coscolleda, then the chemin de Saint-André. Then you can't miss the EV8 signage which will guide you smoothly to Argelès-sur-Mer.

Between garrigue, olive trees and vines…

The path winds towards the Mediterranean. Here, nature offers you as much visual as sensory pleasure and each season has a variety of colors and smells in store for you. No ride will be the same as the previous one... We never get tired of it! Especially since the course is really easy and has no elevation, except for 2 fords.

After 20 to 30 minutes (it all depends on your calves and your equipment, electric or classic…), you will arrive in the urban area of ​​Argelès-sur-Mer.
Here, head towards the beach center via Chemin du Roua and avenue de la gare to reach avenue du 8 mai 1945. On the latter, a beautiful cycle path has been laid out which directs you, all schuss , on the Central Beach of Argelès-sur-Mer.

After (the little) effort, comfort...

Choose your favorite spot on 7 km of beaches to lay down your towel!
For this, do not hesitate to walk along the seaside by the promenade. On the cycle path, you can also reach the Espace de loisirs to the north, as well as the port and the Racou beach to the south.

OTI PyMed – Bettina Bauer

This is a very nice way to easily get to the seaside.

A little nod to our visitors who prefer to stay on the coast during their holidays (what an idea, but there's something for everyone 😉 )...

…This path is not a one-way street!

Get on your bike to come and discover our villages on the foothills of the Albères massif.
Sorède, Laroque-des-Albères, Saint-André and Saint-Genis-des-Fontaines are all easily accessible from the EV8. It would be a shame to miss it!
See you soon !


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Advisor for stays at the Pyrénées Méditerranée Tourist Office - In charge of cycling tourism, catering-terroir projects and in charge of publications, based in Sorède.
Here is another hyperactive! Nothing can resist our dear Bettina: very involved in the life of the Albères and many actions of the OTI PyMed, she sincerely loves her adopted territory and, despite her beautiful accent, proves to us every day that she is a real Catalan at heart. His advice is worth gold!

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