The sea scooter, you know? It's a new fun, ecological and safe way to get around on the water... To be discovered without delay in the marine reserve of Cerbère – Banyuls!

I've been wanting to try this unusual activity for a while now.
This afternoon, I made up my mind and went with my family to Peyrefite beach, between Banyuls-sur-Mer and Cerbère.

The new fashionable sport

As there are quite a few people on the beach, we start by settling down and then I head to the “Vermeille Kayak” nautical base. This place is pleasantly laid out and I am welcomed by Grégory. The scooters are available, so I will be able to test this activity with my children.

Grégory equips us with life jackets and we head to the boat area.
After a few explanations on the use of gear, I pass the security chip on my wrist and off we go for a short walk in the bay.

And hop, direction open sea!

We sail at a leisurely pace (7 km/h) and have fun in the waves. The wind picked up offshore, but the creek stays pretty well sheltered and the scooter is really stable (much more than a paddleboard, which I still have trouble standing on).

After a while, my daughter can't resist and wants to steer the scooter. As she is a little young, I prefer to keep the security chip with me; so she passes in front of me to take the handlebars.

She masters quite well at the start and quickly gains confidence... maybe a little too much!
Suddenly, she places the scooter parallel to a wave. We pitch and try to recover, but too late, here we are in the water, in a burst of laughter.

The security chip on my wrist did its job well. The scooter stopped just as abruptly. We therefore join it without difficulty and go back on it to finish our walk.

A few more laps and we decide to head back to the beach. My daughter is already asking me when we can do it again. And we will return with pleasure!

A very nice activity to do with children, young and old.


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