My name is Marike, I am a tour guide at the Pyrénées Méditerranée Tourist Office.
Through these lines, I offer you a foretaste of the surprises that our rich territory has in store for you with the presentation of this emblematic and unmissable place on the Côte Vermeille: Cap Béar.

A site steeped in history and emotions

It is at the turn of the coastal path between Port-Vendres and Paulilles that Cap Béar gives us its secrets and invites us to marvel. We often go there to hike, to fish, to swim, and to take a breath of fresh air. However, it is impossible to miss the special atmosphere that envelops us and makes us travel through time as one advances on its point.

It is in any case all these things that struck me during my first encounter with this remarkable site, and it is also what I try to convey during my guided tours. I suggest you to explore the riches, waiting for your next visit.


All in marble and granite, it has adorned itself with its finest features just for you!
The singularity of its architecture is its splendour, the history of its optics is its richness.
From its height of 27 meters, the Béar lighthouse listed historical monument in 2012 stands proudly on its cape and has protected the Port-Vendrais coastline with its light since 1905. With its buildings below, it takes you to the time of the guardians, and immerses you in a nostalgic atmosphere, at the heart of our intangible heritage and the maritime know-how that we must preserve.

It will also offer you an appreciable corner of shade, the ideal opportunity to enjoy the landscape around a picnic with family or friends. But beware of your waste, it's a protected area ! Garbage cans are also available in front of the grid below.

The remnants of World War II

The Atlantic Wall somewhat steals the show, and yet it is also a important remnant of the Second World War !
The Wall of the Mediterranean, which extends from Cerbère to Menton, is also the richness of the landscapes and the history of the department. The works, listed between 300 and 400 on the territory and built between 1942 and 1944 by the German army, are camouflaged in the most strategic places of the Côte Vermeille. They will surprise you with their great diversity and their excellent preservation.
For the more adventurous, you can go into some of the double-entry bunkers that you will come across, and thus admire the alliance of reinforced concrete and shale. Be careful, however, not to trample on or disturb the abundant fauna and flora that surround you, they are very rich and precious!

The fauna and the flora

Offering one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the region, it is not for nothing that Cap Béar is part of the Natura 2000 network. It is in fact counted among the natural sites of the European Union with great heritage value thanks to the exceptional fauna and flora found there.
Thus, coming to Cap Béar also means setting out to meet the protected speciesOr endemic, of our beautiful Côte Vermeille: Polycarpe of Catalonia, Thymélée Hirsute and Armérie du Roussillon, among others, await you there. Don't hesitate to bring a good pair of binoculars! Sit down and indulge in contemplation and meditation in this exceptional setting. You will surely have the chance to observe the ballet of the swallows of the rocks, or to have the visit of some Black Redstarts or Larks of Thékla.


It is impossible to talk about Cap Béar without addressing the history of the town in which it is located.
Presenting the advantage of having a natural deep-water port, as well as a strategic geographical location as close as possible to the African continent, Port-Vendres reveals its greatest assets to you: above all commercial and economic port, which raises it to rank of the most important fruit ports in the Mediterranean, it is also a military port, as evidenced by the major monuments such as the obelisk or the various fortifications found there. Marked by a strong history, Port-Vendres is also the know-how and the traditions of viticulture and fishing, which punctuate the life of the locals and the curious fond of good gastronomy.

I advise you to come and meet the producers, who will welcome you and advise you with pleasure and passion. Cellars, fishermen... Do not hesitate to visit the small trades of Port-Vendres.

Marike E.

Guided tours

I have had the pleasure of leading guided tours of Port-Vendres and Cap Béar for a year now. My main ambition is to look at the little things, the little details and anecdotes of History. It is important to me to invite the groups that I guide to marvel at what surrounds them, while being as educational as possible.
I also take the time to discuss with people, often from different regions of France. This is an opportunity to talk together about gastronomy and places not to be missed in our territory.
My guided tours are therefore suitable for all types of public, especially for families with children from 6 years old.

Tours around the port

Between April and September, you can come and discover the history of Port-Vendres in the company of Marike, Philippe or Marjorie who are happy to welcome you.

It is also possible to organize special tours on request for groups or special events. Contact us on 04 48 98 00 08.

See you soon in the Côte Vermeille!


About Marika

Guide Speaker and travel advisor at the Pyrénées Méditerranée intercommunal tourist office - heritage promotion and mediation - based in Port-Vendres.
All visitors are won over by our Speaker Guide! While she continues her studies during the school year in parallel with her missions with us, this young woman already knows how to set the course in her mediation projects. Being one of the "young people" of the team, she is also regularly called upon for digital projects.

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