Pescatourism, quesaco!??
I'm lucky. My workplace, the Tourist Office, is located in the port of Port-Vendres. So we not only take advantage of the spectacular view of life around the quays, we also regularly meet the fishermen who are settled there.
One of them, Franck, invited me to accompany him to sea, to discover the exciting world of fishing. I'm still a little (see a lot!) seasick, but my curiosity is stronger… I'm trying the adventure!

Hi cabin boy!

Usually the experiment on takes place in 2 stages. That of the setting in the water of the nets at the end of the afternoon (approximately 1 hour at sea), followed, the next day, by the lifting of the nets. For this it takes about 3 hours at sea.
Too bad I'm not available in the afternoon, but I promise to be on time with my colleague Marieke the next day, in the early morning...


Ouch, the night was short…

Wake up at 4am in the morning in the middle of the night… it stings to test the Pescatourism activity!
Smiling welcome from Franck (how is he doing at this hour!?) aboard his boat “Lé-flo 2”.

That's it, we left. Direction off Cap Béar.

We take advantage of a big breath of iodized air…

During the trip, Franck tells us about his job, the vagaries of the weather and makes us discover his way of life and his habits. When we arrived at our destination, we took part in lifting the nets, mainly red mullet that morning. It's a real magical moment when we discover the spoils that the sea has kindly given us!

Living Franck's life for a few hours allowed us to really discover the job of a fisherman from Port-Vendres. It's fabulous and hard at the same time, you really have to be passionate!
Although I am not comfortable aboard a boat, the activity comes to an end too quickly. We are back at the port around 8:30 am to unload the fish.

The experience is superb, with the added bonus of splendid panoramas from the open sea and marvelous colours. It's not surprising that painters love the Côte Vermeille so much!!

Good to know

  • The activity is accessible from 12 years old;
  • The appointment is made directly at the boat “Lé-flo 2”, Quai de l'Obélisque;
  • The number of people on board is very limited: 2 people only, in addition to Franck;
  • Fishing only with nets, no angling;
  • Price: €80 per person;
  • Do not forget: Camera and an insulated bag to leave with your loot (a basket will be offered to put the caught fish).

Additional information and reservation with Franck,
06 76 85

An activity to do and redo, thank you Franck!

Marjorie G.


About Marjorie

Travel advisor and in charge of reception outside the walls, often based in Port-Vendres.
Don't be fooled by her gentleness and kindness, Marjorie does not lack energy and punch! She does not hesitate to meet holidaymakers - and even to brave the elements! - to make you discover the Côte Vermeille and the territory!

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