“The heritage of our territory is fascinating, whether it is thousand-year-old buildings steeped in history or the nature that surrounds us: on land… or under the sea!”

An activity accessible to all

So I went snorkeling with a pro and a small group (8 people maximum and children welcome!).
After a moment of discussion with our guide and the other participants, the (light) equipment is presented to us, all in a good mood!

The activity is explained to us, we take stock of the reassuring framework offered but also on the environment, the precautions to be taken so as not to disturb the marine environment. This presentation is the time to raise awareness about the protection of the sea and biodiversity. The approach is playful and not at all moralistic!

Finally we choose the flippers, a mask and a snorkel... And off we go!

We go to the site chosen according to the group and the weather where we finish equipping ourselves at the water's edge. It's time to move forward and put your nose (and especially your eyes!) under the surface to discover the depths.

Nostra Mar – Marine Preuvost

What happiness!

Herbarium of posidonia, starfish, octopus, cuttlefish, spirographs, sars or saupes… we discover together these surprising species.
Everything is done on the surface, quietly, to the rhythm of the light swaying of the water.

OTI PyMed – Caroline Mahoux

Sweep in the water

We even take the opportunity to collect some waste in the net provided for this purpose and do our BA (ideal for karma!).
Some photos for the memory and after an hour, return to the beach.

On the way back to the centre, we chat together and go around everything we saw. With the help of our guide and identification sheets, we now manage to put a name to the species observed.

A last word on the beauty and fragility of this other world so different and yet so close to us and it's time to leave each on his own with a little memory...

It's not all that but… when do we do it again?

Caroline M.


About Caroline

Travel advisor, heritage promotion and in charge of communication, based in St André.
The most rock of the band without a doubt, she does not save her saliva to tell you about the territory and the Romanesque heritage! She is also the "voice" of the OTI on social networks.

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