Conquering the Big Blue!
A dive in the last foothills of the Pyrenees, the first Marine Nature Reserve in France, jewel of the Côte Vermeille.

A cocktail of surprising sensations!

I've been thinking about it for some time now, but now it's decided I'm doing my first dive! Let's go, direction Cerbère!

Not without a certain apprehension, here I am at the reception of the Cap Cerbère Diving Center. The reception is very friendly, I feel confident. Laure gives me my jumpsuit and directs me to the locker room to change. I put on this ultra-tight jumpsuit and I join the small group outside for Alain's debrief. These simple and professional explanations will reassure me. A little moment all together before boarding to discuss and here we are on the boat.

OTI PyMed – Isabelle Berga

There is a great atmosphere!

The small group discusses, introduces itself, we are all captivated by the beauty of the moment on this Mediterranean sea in the middle of the Cerbère-Banyuls marine reserve. A mixture of excitement and stress seizes me…

That's it, here we are!

In turn, we are helped to equip ourselves, bottles on our backs, masks on our faces and flippers on our feet, we take turns approaching the bottom of the boat, we climb on the small platform and we gently go down to the water. The instructor approaches me, we move away from the boat a little bit, and after a few exchanges, we dive.

Under water, silence dominates, you feel light. We swim close to the fish, deeper we discover sea urchins, starfish, multicolored anemones... A moment out of time, in a magical environment.

The dive is over, we go back to the surface, I didn't see the time pass! I realize that my apprehensions were really unfounded.

It was a unique experience, a zen and unforgettable moment! What is sure and certain is that I will dive again!!

Vanessa C.


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Efficient and dynamic, her smile never leaves her, to the delight of those who cross her path! As comfortable on the water as it is to present the magnificent medieval sculptures of the cloister and the history of its village!

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