Our villages are committed to preserving their traditions! Throughout the year, original and popular events take place which affirm the identity of each village, through its rites and customs.

SANT JORDI, April 23

This festivity is one of the most original in the Catalan country. It celebrates St George, patron saint of Catalonia, symbol of Catalan identity.
Popular and cultural festival, it honors the book and the rose on the same day. Book stalls set up in the streets on this day. Generally, a rose is offered with the purchase of a book. Since 1995, UNESCO has made it World Book and Copyright Day.

ELS GOIGS ​​DELS OUS, Easter celebrations

“Les Goigs” (goig = joy) are texts sung before Easter Day and are very fashionable in Roussillon and Conflent.
They are often sung in front of houses in search of ingredients for making the traditional giant Easter omelet. Composed of eggs, pork belly, blood sausage, sausage, artichokes, onions and wild green asparagus, the dish will be shared on Easter Monday. A great moment of conviviality!


If there is one party that attracts and brings together all generations, it is the St Jean party! The summer solstice has been celebrated for a long time, originally in connection with the worship of the sun.
Known as the shortest night of the year, a large identical fire is kindled in each village with the help of the torches of the inhabitants, all dressed in white. This great evening often ends with fireworks, a ball and sardanas in a warm and good-natured atmosphere!

The celebration is accompanied by the bouquet of Saint John. Traditionally it is made up of four specific herbs picked on the morning of the 23rd: walnut, St. John's wort, immortelle and stonecrop. These bouquets are still often hung on the doors of houses to attract luck, happiness and joy inside!


During the Christmas holidays, the pessebre which means "nativity scene" is celebrated. This Catalan tradition is also found in other regions. A living nativity scene animated by catechism children from different parishes in the church during the Christmas period.
A warm moment of pure tradition!

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