Hiking or horseback riding, trail running, nautical activities such as kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling or even stand-up paddleboarding... In the Mediterranean Pyrenees, there are many possibilities for exercising outdoors, between sea and mountains.
Want to go even further? Sign up for one of our sporting events and experience unforgettable moments while exploring the beauty of our territory!  

SWIMRUN Côte Vermeille

It is a competition of 5 events in the heart of one of the most beautiful settings that France has to offer: the Côte Vermeille with its exceptional diversity of landscapes.
This outdoor sport combines running and swimming in open water and will delight all nature and adventure lovers,


Usually organized on the first weekend of November, the Cross de la St Martin takes place on a hilly course (400 m elevation gain) from Sorède.
Travel over a distance of 13 km through the Albères massif towards the Notre Dame du Château hermitage.


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