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La Retirada

A walk full of emotion to discover the Retirada memorial located on the Franco-Spanish border. Breathtaking view.


Architecture, Flora, Geology, History, Coastline, Heritage, Point of view

Bring water, walking shoes, windbreaker (whatever the time of year) and cap. Be careful above the cliffs of Cerberus. Make sure to bring your waste back.

Leave the Cerbère Tourist Office and reach Place de la République by turning right at the real estate agency.
Take the street on the left in the bed of the river.
At the ferry square, do not turn into the Ribéral tunnel and continue straight on rue Jean Barrat. Continue on the steep path which rises on the left in the scrubland to the secondary road.
Cross the departmental road and go straight towards the old tagged border post.
Go up to the left and cross the departmental road again to take the path that climbs to the right to the Col des Bélitres. Go to the Retirada memorial which is signposted. 
Cross the road and go opposite on the path that leads to Puig Cerbère (end of the customs footpath in France) and to the Cerbère photovoltaic lighthouse. Be careful around the cliffs.
After the lighthouse, follow the road to go down to the Cerbère Tourist Office.


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