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Le Chemin du Liège (VTT)

For the most athletic!
(Black mountain bike markers n°4)


Flora, Point of view

Follow the black mountain bike markup n°4

Start by descending towards the "Les Mimosas" campsite to take the Route de la Massane to the right. Keep the fast lane on the right and after 150 meters be careful not to turn under the bridge.
At the next crossroads on the left, take Route de Notre-Dame de Vie and Faba. This small municipal road crosses vineyards and serves small and large farmhouses. It offers an exceptional view of the Massif des Albères where the Hermitage Notre-Dame de Vie and the Chapelle St-Julien stand out very clearly.
Take the dirt track DFCI n°36 which rises slightly, then cross the forest of cork oaks and the meadows of Mas Torrenaps.
At the intersection, leave the Rancho campsite on your right and take the paved road to the left. Be careful, for a few meters it is a real wall to climb. Then take the DFCI track n°28 on the left to gradually climb up into the massif.
Several flat areas in the massif allow you to catch your breath and enjoy an exceptional panorama of the Canigou and the entire Roussillon plain. Stay on this DFCI track in the shade of the oak forest.
At cistern no. 372, climb towards the Chapelle St-Laurent then pass in front of the ruins of Mas Sant Llorenç. Continue towards the Mas d'en Calet d'Amunt, Pacareu, Piquemal and finally the Mas de l'Ours to reach the basin. Then begin the descent on runway DFCI-AL n°41. Be careful in this area, control your speed. 
Do not miss the marker indicating the descent to the Mas d'en Jordi (massive gate). From this point, the descent becomes technical, ravine and crossed by several footpaths. Vigilance in this environment.
Crossing the undergrowth, come out on the DFCI AL track n°42. Turn left to reach the Valmy mountain bike base.


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