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La boucle des Mas (VTT)

The large Circuit 8 loop (black markings)


Flora, Point of view

Follow the black mountain bike markup n°8

To get to this circuit, go down at the ford and go up to the left on the DFCI-Al track n°42. This difficult track at first, winds above the Château de Valmy and quickly offers a very beautiful view. As it widens, the track becomes easier and leads to the hillside in the direction of Mas Cristine.
At the intersection with the paved road, turn right towards the DFCI-AL track n°41. The latter is sometimes ravined in places. Throughout the ascent, regularly guess farmhouses that huddle in the forest of cork oaks. Take advantage of the magnificent viewpoints throughout the hike. 
At the level of the concrete basin (non-potable water), turn right towards the DFCI Al track n°39. Take advantage of the plateaus that hug the foothills of the Massif des Albères to catch your breath. The descent towards the Chapelle Saint-Laurent is done in switchbacks. Go past Mas St Laurent and Mas de la Monge (in ruins).
At the crossroads of the two tracks, turn left onto track DFCI AL n°28. Pass in front of cistern n°372. From this moment, stay on this track where small climbs, plateaus and rolling and pleasant descents mingle.
The track leads to a paved road at Mas Coq. Turn right on this steeply descending road. Be careful not to miss the fork to the right on the DFCI AL n°36 track which crosses the forest of cork oaks and the meadows of Mas Torrenaps and Platjatorta. Follow the track to reach the Route du Faba opening onto the vineyards and the Mediterranean.
Continue and arrive in front of the expressway bridge. Turn right on the road parallel to the expressway to the second bridge. Take the Route de la Massane along the edge of the vineyard which brings you back to the "Les Mimosas" campsite and the Château de Valmy car park.


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