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Les Balcons d’Argelès (VTT)

Argelès-sur-Mer seen from above, a beautiful loop for sports enthusiasts!
(Red mountain bike markings n°3)


Point of view

Follow the red mountain bike markup n°3

This beautiful hike in successive levels will take you to the heights of the village of Argelès-sur-Mer. 

At the ford, take the path on your left. After a hundred meters, attack the first difficulty. A severe steep path takes you to the side of the hills for the most rolling part of this route. The first ten minutes are sustained. Don't let go now. At the top of this hill, approach about 3 kms of rolling part downhill with a small revival until the junction of Mas Cristine.
The junction of Mas Cristine marks a passage from the track to a tarmacked section of 300 meters. It is also the last passage to rest before starting the main climb to the basin. At the end of the road take the DFCI-AL 39 track on the right and from now on, adopt the right pace. The next three kilometers offer little respite.
Reach the highest point of the mountain bike ride at the basin. But there are still a few small difficulties before the long descent to Valmy. The hike continues to the right of the basin. SUGGESTION: For the more adventurous, at the basin (water reservoir) the track opposite continues for 2 km on the DFCI-AL 41 ter track towards Roc del Corb (terminus of the track, altitude 580m). Beyond that, we advise you to put your bike down and or carry it on the footpath. At the level of the place d'armes the path continues in a scree which rises steeply to the Tour de la Massane (Altitude 794m). The view is panoramic over the entire department of Pyrénées-Orientales and the Mediterranean Sea. Please note: The hiking trails are not approved for mountain biking.
In the descent, do not miss the hairpin bend. This point is ideal for a small souvenir photo. With all this effort, it's well deserved.


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