Sorède-Ultrera-Vallée Heureuse

From the village to the Ultrera castle to discover the history of the Albères

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You enjoy nature, you love it, take care of it... You are taking a hiking trail along which regular household waste collection points are made available to you. Out of respect for this exceptional space used each month by several tens of thousands of hikers and walkers, we invite you to deposit at these collection points all of your waste (glass, paper, leftover food, etc.) and any that you may unfortunately discover during your walk. Thanks to these simple but essential actions, let's keep this site clean, as nature has graciously offered it to us.
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From the Tourist Office, turn left onto rue de la barracks, then continue straight ahead.

Cross the footbridge and join the paved road. At Christ, go around the statue and continue on the road towards Notre-Dame-du-Château.
At the intersection, continue towards Notre-Dame-du-Château and begin the ascent via the DFCI-AL33 track.
At the sign, abandon the track to join the path on the right. It is also possible to reach Notre-Dame-du-Château by the track (an additional 1,6 km).
When the path joins the tarmac road, turn left and continue the ascent to the Ermitage. From Notre-Dame-du-Château, take the path at the end of the tarmac road to reach the ruins of Ultrera Castle. Be careful, the last meters of the ascent are steeper. Be careful in case of wind.
Go back down to Notre-Dame-du-Château and take the DFCI track in the direction of Mas del Ca. Continue the winding track which offers you a panorama of the Happy Valley and the Pic Néoulous. Pass the barrier and close it after passing.
Take the asphalt road on the right. Leave the first bridge and continue going down. Cross the next bridge and continue for a hundred meters to the “Valley of the Turtles” animal park. On the right, take the path below parallel to the road and enter the Mas del Ca clearing.
Below the clearing, behind the picnic tables, find a path that runs alongside a canal. Take it going left towards Sorède and at the crossroads turn right and go down the path. Continue through the woods to arrive at the entrance to the housing estate.
At the exit of the housing estate, take the path on the right, crossing the river. Retrace your steps to the BIT. After heavy rain, passage can be tricky. Then take rue du Moulin Cassanyes.
DifficultyIntermediateDuration03hElevation-420 D- ​​/ 422 D+Distance8,9 kmMax Altitude434m
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